High Pressure vs. Low pressure

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Above is visible damage from High Pressure Roof Cleaning or "pressure washing " On nearly a Daily basis I see evidence of premature roof failure as a result of even just one High Pressure Roof Cleaning. Most manufacturers guarantee against defects that lead to premature failure of the tile. However they are now requiring regular cleaning and maintenance with a maximum pressure of 1200 psi because of the known fact that "Pressure Cleaning" can later result in broken or chipped tile as well as damaged mortar. We use 60 psi equivalent to the average garden hose. Most pressure washer's use a minimum of 3,500 PSI literally taking a layer of the surface with it each time it cleans in order to remove the moss, algae, or lichen.

 Moreover, the stain on your roof is a type of living algae "typically Gloeocapsa magma " that can not be killed by pressure alone. No matter what pressure used, with water alone, you are alone spreading the spores. 

 Failure to clean is also an invitation to premature failure. When a plant is growing in your gutters or on your roof, odds are it's not supposed to be there. Without realizing it most people believe that this is harmless while the truth is if you didn't put the dirt their for the plant to grow then something is rotting.  Yes, rotting. Usually it's plant material from an oak tree or other large variety of tree which drops leaves over time that begin to build up encouraging decay and rot to provide the plants nutrients. This is similar to the way rot in a compost works from high heat and moisture. This may seem harmless but the last thing someone needs is the roof over there head rotting away literally!