Cedar shake project update!

For the next three days we will be Cleaning our first Cedar shake roof and we'll be using a new product.  Follow our blog for more pictures and video.
      Yesterday, We removed all debris from the roof. Removing the debri allows each piece of cedar to properly breath after any rain. Here in Florida regular maintenence and debris Cleaning is extremely important because of the high humidity and frequent rains here in Florida's climate.
      Next, cedar needs to breath because this helps prevent wood rot. Wood rot destroys Cedar shakes and can lead to bigger problems. 
   Finally,With Proper ventilation through regular maintenance you can extend the life of your cedar roof and get the maximum life out of your roof.  

Today we will begin Cleaning.  The Cleaning process is very similar to that of Cleaning a wooden deck.  Unlike our normal Cleaning process We Will be using no SH (sodium hypochlorite, bleach). Instead we will be using sodium per carbonate.  For more info or an estimate for Cleaning the wood around your home.  Call 239-867-7971
Due to the weather we will be continuing the project on Tuesday.  So check back Tuesday evening for more info and pictures.